Is delta travel insurance worth it

If you are a traveler then you must have travel insurance. Why? Because travel insurance makes your travel free of stress and worries. It covers you for all unexpected and emergency events you can face during travel.

While there are tons of travel insurances out there, people are often confused about which one is best for them. One such option is delta travel insurance.

Is delta travel insurance worth it

Is delta flight insurance worth it? What are the pros and cons of delta flight &travel insurance? We’ll find out in this article.

What is delta flight insurance

Delta flight insurance is an insurance package that is offered by delta airlines.

Usually, the purpose of flight insurance is to cover the cost of any unexpected and emergency event you can face during the flight.

For example flight delay, flight cancellation, flight interruption, a medical emergency like injury, illness, and death, stolen luggage.

In short, flight insurance will help you recover the money lost if you encounter any problem during the flight which is covered in the plan.

How does delta flight insurance works

Delta flight insurance works simply.

You will have to select a flight insurance plan that fits your needs and then pay the cost for that plan.

You will receive a whole list of problems that will be covered in your delta flight insurance plan.

Now if you face any of those problems covered in your delta insurance plan then you will be able to file a claim and recover the money you have lost in the process.

Should I purchase delta travel insurance

Selecting the right travel insurance to purchase requires good research. You need to extensively study all the aspects of travel insurance to make sure if it’s right for you or not.

We have dropped all the pros and cons of delta travel insurance that will help you decide whether if delta travel insurance is for you or not:

Pros of delta travel insurance

Here are the pros of getting delta travel insurance:

1. Emergency dental and medical care

Emergencies can hit you at anytime and anywhere.

When you are traveling, you can get seriously ill or suffer from any serious injury. So, you will require immediate medical care.

Delta travel insurance covers you for any emergency medical treatment that you can encounter on your trip.

2. Protection for trip cancellation

Delta travel insurance will also reimburse your non-refundable trip cost if you cancel it because of the reasons covered in your plan.

3. Protection for trip interruption

If your trip is interrupted due to the reasons covered in your travel insurance plan then delta travel insurance will help reimburse the nonrefundable expenses.

4. Protection for delay of trip

Sometimes, your flight gets delayed due to certain reasons.

In such a case, it is very important to find a place to stay and some food to eat.

Delta travel insurance covers your accommodation and meals if your travel is delayed for 6 or more than 6 hours.

5. Protection for loss or damage of baggage

When you are traveling, your baggage can get stolen, lost, or damaged.

In such a case, delta travel insurance helps you recover your losses.

6. Protection for baggage delay

A lot of time your baggage gets delayed during travel and you cannot access the essential items.

Delta travel insurance helps you reimburse the replacement of essential items until your baggage reaches you.

7. Hotline help available 24/7

One more thing that we liked about delta travel insurance is their good customer support system.

Delta travel insurance team will always be available to you 24/7.

You can call them anytime you need help and they will solve your problem straight away.

Cons of delta travel insurance

Here are the cons (drawbacks) of delta travel insurance that you should know about:

1. No cancel-for-any-reason option

Ideally, a travel insurance plan must offer a Cancel for Any Reason option to their customer.

It means that you can cancel your trip for whatever reasons you are facing and then claim insurance.

Delta travel insurance doesn’t offer any such thing to their customers. There is no Cancel For Any Reason offer at delta travel. They only allow you to cancel for a few specific reasons – otherwise, you cannot cancel and file a claim.

Due to this very reason, customers say that delta travel insurance is less flexible.

2. Less money for medical insurance and evacuation

One more thing that we did not like about delta travel insurance is that their medical insurance and medical evacuation cover is not ideal.

They offer $10,000 for medical insurance during travel and international flights.

Experts say that it should be at least $100,000 because a mere $10,000 is not enough to deal with any serious illness or injury during travel.

Similarly, if you have to be evacuated back home due to any medical emergency then delta travel insurance offers you a cover of $50,000.

It is not that bad but ideally, it should be $100,000 because mostly medical evacuation is done in the presence of highly qualified doctors and other healthcare staff and equipment. So, the total amount of expenses can be very high.

Therefore, it is better to have a cover of $100,000 instead of just $50,000.

3. Poor domestic offers

If you are planning to travel domestically with delta travel insurance then the honest opinion is that you’ll be pretty much uncovered with delta travel insurance.

Why? Because delta travel insurance is very poor for domestic travel.

  • They do not provide any medical cover if you get sick.
  • They do not provide any medical evacuation cover in case you need to be evacuated back home.
  • They do not protectyou if your employer cancels your trip.
  • They are too much expensive and you can find better options at the same price that will cover everything for you.

How much does delta flight insurance cost

Delta flight insurance will cost you about $70.76 per person.

Delta trip insurance cancellation policy

Delta trip insurance cancellation policy is very simple.

If you are unsatisfied with delta trip insurance then you can cancel it within 10 days (more in some special cases) and get a complete refund.

The only condition is that your trip has not started yet or you have not initiated any claim.

How to cancel delta flight insurance

If you want to cancel your delta flight insurance, you can call the delta support team within 10 days after you subscribed to the plan.

Tell them that you want to cancel the flight insurance plan and they will assist you with that.

Normally, you have to fill a cancellation form and just that’s it.

Can you add trip protection after booking delta

Yes, you can.

Usually, you have to add delta trip protection at the checkout.

You are required to make a selection (either YES or NO) about purchasing delta trip protection. Once you have selected an option, only then you are allowed to purchase the flight.

However, if you have already purchased a flight and now want to add protection then it can also be possible.

Does delta trip insurance cover flight changes

Yes, delta trip insurance cover flight changes.

They will help you reimburse the airline fees if you have to make a change to your flight due to any of the reasons covered in the plan.

What reasons are covered for trip cancellation in delta travel insurance

Here is a list of all the reasons that are covered for trip cancellation in the delta travel insurance plan:

  1. Injury or illness of you or your close ones.
  2. A natural disaster like storm, flood, earthquake, etc.
  3. Hospitalization of your destination host.
  4. Any damage to home or business (like robbery or vandalization).
  5. Crucial court appearance or military deployment.
  6. Have to work.
  7. Surviving a deadly attack.