Why is travel insurance necessary

Buying travel insurance is often ignored and it really should not be; especially if you have laid out a big investment for that special vacation. Many times when we spend a lot of time planning all the details of a long awaited trip, buying travel insurance just doesn’t seem that important – BIG MISTAKE.

There are several reasons why people don’t bother with getting any kind of travel protection. First, people really don’t understand what travel insurance is and what it can provide. Second, they look at it as an unnecessary expense rather than an investment to protect a major purchase.

What is travel insurance

Before you can appreciate its value you have to understand what it covers. This is a fairly complex insurance package if you haven’t taken the time to learn about the various elements of the health coverage found in most travel policies.

The other important thing to remember is that all medical travel insurance is not the same. While the better packages will have many of the same coverages and exclusions, the various coverage amounts and other details will vary from plan to plan. The is no substitute for reading all that FINE PRINT that everyone usually forgets about until something happens and you need to find out exactly what kind of coverage you have.

Having said that, there are some common coverages that any good travel plan should include. Also most plans combine medical benefits with all the other standard travel insurance coverages for trip cancellation and interruption, lost baggage, etc. so make sure you evaluate the medical benefits thoroughly with in the plan you are considering. We’ll go over the typical health coverages first and then discuss why having some type of medical health insurance is so important and in some case required.

It’s hard to know if you need travel insurance unless you understand what it is and what it provides. When people think of travel or trip insurance they think of it as what is sold at airports for people who want some sort of  protection for their loved ones in case something happens to their flight. Well this is a type of travel insurance certainly but insurance today is very comprehensive and designed to reimburse you for losses and inconveniences not just your beneficiaries in the case of a fatal accident.

Most insurance plans available consist of two major components. First there is the trip cancellation/interruption piece and secondly there is the medical insurance portion. Both of these can be key coverages depending on your particular situation and travel needs. Typical plans include the following travel disruption coverages:

  • Last-minute trip cancellation – If this is due to an illness or covered weather related problem you will be reimbursed.
  • Delayed or lost baggage insurance – This usually includes the reimbursement of essential personal items.
  • Replacement of travel documents, belongings and money – If your travel documents or money is lost or stolen, you will be reimbursed for the cost of their replacement.
What is travel insurance

The medical expense portion of a good plan includes such items as:

  • Medical coverage  – This includes hospital and doctor expenses for covered illnesses
  • Emergency evacuation/repatriation of remains – Don’t overlook the importance of this. This can very expensive if you ever need to be flown home for the proper medical treatment. Check the plan coverage for specifics but it may include the cost of a doctor to accompany an individual if medically necessary as well as other expenses.
  • Accidental death and dismemberment coverage – This is a coverage that you should not go without. If a medical evacuation is necessary for necessary medical treatment it can be very expensive and your existing health insurance probably won’t cover this even if it does provide coverage when you are out of the country. Evacuation can be very expensive. Here again plans will vary and there are usually various maximum limits available.

These can be some of the most important covered benefits you can have if the unexpected strikes. This is also the area where you will find a variety of special coverages that can be tailored for your particular needs. Take the time to make sure you have what you need.

Who needs travel insurance

If you have pre-existing medical conditions or are pregnant you made need extra coverages. There are some specific rules and requirements that have to be met for coverage of these conditions. You will need to understand the policy details to make sure you are covered before you go.

Senior travelers many times have special needs. This is especially true if you are on Medicare or Medicaid in the US. Again you need to make sure you understand what is covered and what is not.

If you are going to be participating in adventurous or dangerous activities while away there are specific coverages you may need. There are policies that have special coverages specifically for dangerous activities that you might engage in.

If a visa is required for the countries you plan to visit, many times travel insurance is required in order to obtain the visa. And many times the minimum coverage requirements are specified to obtain a visa.

There are many reasons why you should be buying travel insurance and some reasons why you must have it. If it is not a requirement for your travel, you should be looking at the cost as an investment to protect your travel plans. When the unexpected happens it’s too late. Travel with the assurance that if something does happen help is at hand.

Why travel insurance is important

There are many reasons why medical insurance for travel is very important. First, many people make the mistake of thinking their existing health insurance will give them adequate coverage. This can be a BIG MISTAKE. While some health insurance plans will provide coverage for trips outside your home country many, if not most, will not. It’s critical that you make sure what your health plan covers and what it doesn’t.

If you are a senior on Medicare or Medicaid, these plans do not cover any medical care you might need when outside the United States. Only some of the standard Medigap plans provide any kind of medical coverage when traveling abroad and then only after you satisfy the deductible.

Don’t take any chances when you travel. Understand what travel health insurance you might currently have and what you will want or need to have for your trip. The cost of proper coverage is small compared to the potential cost to you should something happen and you need medical treatment abroad.

Why travel insurance is important

Senior travel insurance

Everyone always asks if travel insurance is really needed. The answer is it depends. For seniors it is needed. Senior travel insurance is one of the most important protections to have. There are many reasons. Some are obvious others may surprise most seniors.

First the obvious. Everyone including seniors hopes their travel will be hassle free. But in case it’s not, you want to have something that will help out with cancellations, delays, lost or stolen baggage or other valuables etc. This is a good enough reason alone to have some kind of travel insurance. After all you probably laid at a lot of money for that special trip you’ve been planning.

For seniors traveling while all that is important, that’s not really the most important benefits of trip insurance. What is the most critical is medical coverage. We all know as we get older we are more susceptible to illnesses especially when we travel. And accidents can be more serious with age. So while it’s terrific that we have the time to travel more as we reach retirement age, we also need to think about special needs for health and accident protection.

Get senior travel insurance in your budget

So as a senior citizen you are ready to fly foreign for your long retirement holidays. Just like any other tourists you need comprehensive senior travel insurance – whether it is domestic or international, it can covers un expected health troubles and legal issues in any circumstance.

However there is a myth about this that most insurance companies restrict seniors from getting travel insurance policies due to their pre existing medical conditions. This is not always true, since top providers recognize the growth in senior travelers zeal to explore foreign countries and introduced several types of senior travel insurance plans to citizens over the age bracket of 60-90 years.

Understanding what your needs when traveling abroad is the first step to start, because basing on your future travel plans, you can invest your money on comprehensive senior travel insurance policy by comparing and purchasing online.

Usually every plan comes with the coverage services like medical evacuation, personal accidents, Repatriation, trip cancellations, flight delays, loss of baggage and burglary of valuable items. A specialized medical attention you need to pay extra premiums and you must qualify their medical questionnaire.

Don’t stick with the cheap senior travel insurance coverage as they may escape from the claims by shooting you with minor reasons.

Check these rules while purchasing senior travel insurance

  1. Every company has their different quotes and deals. Some may looks cheap and best but before going to purchase any plan examine all elements in detail. Play the “what if” game with insurer and get lot of details about their hidden terms. Don’t just sign on your insurance papers if any agent is rushing you on it to do, avoid agents/brokers if necessary.
  2. You need to enquire how the company can cover the various aged people, furthermore always read the fine print to get clarity of policy wording and ease of processing of policy confirmations, always remember senior travel insurance is a legal agreement bound between the supplier and buyer by its terms and conditions.

The key benefits of purchasing senior travel insurance online

Check you eligibility online and get instant travel insurance for seniors by putting personal info like your trip date, cost and age then compare quotes and plans. This task will get you the list of security benefits like

  • Maximum coverage for 300 listed pre existing medical conditions along with certain types of cancers.
  • Gives unique benefits like financial, medical emergency and other legal assistance.
  • Instant replacement for lost of luggage, passport and personal belongings and gives compassionate visit.
  • Specialized cover for terrorism attacks and prevent unexpected life threatening situations
  • You can cover up to 180 days long which can be extendable up to 360 days along with automated extensions.
  • Your travel insurance provider can give 24 hour multi lingual emergency assistance through their worldwide assistance providing branches.

How to find a quality travel Insurance for seniors

Getting a tailored senior travel insurance is traditionally tough because of the risks involved with your health. By simply searching online you can find the policies which are designed only for seniors. You can also review and compare the different plans by taking the support of members from online forums and communities.

Analyze the rule of Assistance and insurance among the travel insurance for seniors policies. Because if something goes wrong in your holiday, most companies only covers you from what they offer and provide money with cut off expenses, but in other hand the trusted ones gives you the medical assistance as well as financial assistance through their staff.

It is recommended to talk with your insurance agent as they continuously work on to develop the relationships with good senior travel insurance companies and their customers, so they can answer your doubts and recommend a good company that matches to you.

best travel insurance for seniors
  • Emergency Medical Insurance: Applying the premium for senior travel insurance with pre existing health conditions. This is the major aspect you have to review since several companies are rejecting seniors over 60 due to hiding themselves from medical screening. You are require to submit the medical status which was approved by your physician to the insurer. Basing on the possibilities they can guard your medical expenses due to accidents, sickness and even in case of death.
  • Baggage Delay Insurance: Compensation for loss of checked luggage will be covered while traveling in abroad. Generally travel insurance for seniors covers the lost or damage of personal belongings, this includes the replacement of original passport with certain terms.
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance: Senior Travel Insurance also reimburse the additional expenses occurred due to the trip delay for 12 hours or cancellation of flight for bad weather. It also covers trip interruption due to sudden illness that strikes or the member of your family.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance: Imagine if you accidentally locked with other countries laws and customs in abroad, it creates legal nonsense and through you in legal bills. Some special travel insurance for Seniors policies covers theses bills caused by the unexpected breaking of foreign laws and it also prevent you from hijacking scenarios.

Ask for a multi- trip travel insurance instead of single travel insurance especially if you are a frequent traveler because this cuts you lot of financial expenditure.

Don’t ruin your vacation by taking cheap senior travel insurance; keep searching for the best policy and save information for better comparison. Ensure that your provider has 24*7*365 time multi lingual helpline and branches in the overseas you visit, this can helps in urgency to navigate yourself.

Travel insurance over 80s

Finally you reached over 80 years after crossing all life time obstacles. Now this is time for one who wants to add more color to their lives by traveling overseas for great joyful experience. Moreover by getting quality travel insurance over 80 from a comprehensive   insurer can assure your trip more safe and secure, but finding it becomes more challenged if you are encountered by any pre existing medical conditions. Due to this, you should be careful with over 80 travel insurance plans while choosing and purchasing.

If you are going to buy travel insurance over 80, then factors like price, features, duration and type of the tour will affect the premium rates. According to their relevant policy wordings, for certain senior citizens having pre medical conditions will be declared to pay extra premiums rates due to the impact of potential risks revolved in the journey.

Travel insurance for over 80s with pre existing medical conditions

If you are hunting for outstanding over 80 travel insurance, then planning every part of your trip and exact needs you want to be cover is vital. According to the financial ombudsman, the single most exclusive significant cause aroused in the travel related disputes is having “Pre existing conditions”.

It is common practice among silver haired people to hide their medical status reports when subjected to medical screening test, however it is advisable to be transparent with insurer and fair in your dealing for a long-lasting cover.

To obtain fundamental travel insurance, you can purchase via online by comparing the rates over 15 providers at once to save a lot of money and time. It also comes with unbeatable benefits like official help in choosing good tour travel insurance plans for seniors and professional assistance during the claim process.

Pros and cons of travel insurance for seniors over 80


  1. You can apply online to comprehensive cover along with cashless hospitalization, emergency medical needs[Trauma], personal liability, legal issues, pre-departure services, interpreter referral services, Embassy referral services, delayed and cancellation trips, loss of checked luggage.
  2. Speedy and hassle free settlement in the case of ideal journeys such that, whenever you submit the essential paper statement you will be insured by travel insurance over 80 companies effectively.
  3. Single and multi annual based senior travel insurance that can cut heck loads of cash, cover for individuals, couples or senior citizen groups up to 8 persons.


Since over 80 insurance companies are strict with their TOS, you need to review the case studies of the policy rejects/denies or claim cancellations before you obtain. For more queries you can also enquire the representative, but here are main exclusions from where they look to escape for reimburse from the insurance.

  1. Policy does not applicable, if the pre medical conditions are getting complicated. Objectives like suicide or attempt of suicide with mental disorder; abuse of drugs, alcohol, anxiety, stress, depression with physical disorders will be rejected.
  2. Visiting of War or war like action countries, terrorism activity countries or natural destructive countries  likeJapanand/orKoreawill not be covered in few plans.
  3. Failing of producing appropriate official documents hold by local police authority for the loss of personal valuables, passports detention by the customer will not be covered. So don’t just be careless even if you are covered by the over 80 travel insurance and never ever buy wrong trip policy which doesn’t match you.

Travel insurance over 70

As a senior over 70 if you want to travel alone or with a group, it is important to take comprehensive travel insurance over 70. Many travel insurance companies implemented these targeted policies for senior citizens who have pre existing medical conditions. By taking the note of heavy risks involved in your journey (Both physically and mentally), they charge you high premiums. But you can still find better deals of quality travel insurance over 70 by searching online which comes with great range of benefits, so remember the wise saying that

“If you can’t afford to get a right senior travel insurance, then you can’t afford to travel at all”.

Key benefits of getting Travel Insurance over 70 age cover

With all adequate data you can make your claim easily, other wise travel insurance over 70 insurers look for the faults in the medical status reports. However this is the list of return claims from senior travel insurance companies.

The primary reason to buy travel insurance over 70 is to protect yourself from high expensive medical and legal costs. So before you purchase, consider the available options that comes with your senior travel insurance plans. Normally every policy provides the basic level of coverage such as emergency medical attentions, legal and other trip delay/cancel expenses. But in addition you can get a tailored made coverage for terrorist attacks, loss of personal belongings and other unexpected problems by paying extra costs. If you are a frequent traveler try to buy annual multi trip policy (up to 180 days) rather than single trip policy (up to 92 days), so it can prevent from financial burdens.

Getting travel insurance for seniors with pre existing medical conditions will be tough because of potential health risks. However by pushing yourself into their medical screening and by submitting the right medical status report, you can get suitable travel insurance over 70 packages. Be transparent with your senior travel insurance company and submit a written form or letter from medical advisor to explain your health conditions without omitting anything, this will benefit you from 245 pre existing medical conditions.

  1. Your medical expenses will cover up to $100,000 with medical screening and $50000 without medical screening.
  2.  Lost of personal property and instant coverage of luggage up to $3500.
  3.  Scheduled airline failure due to bad weather will be available.
  4.  By getting platinum seniors travel insurance will reimburse you from trip cancellation up to $7000 in any condition.
  5.  Personal accident and personal liability will cover up to $15000.
over 70 travel insurance

Getting travel insurance over 70 that matches you needs

Start with searching online, you can come up with lot of cheap senior travel insurance but don’t get struck with the first travel insurance over 70 policy. Whenever you choose a policy, the cost matters along with the quality.

You can review and compare the premiums and plans through internet, so this can enable you to find the better over 70s cover with reliable options.

Finally we recommended you to read the policy wordings and fine print of terms and conditions to ensure that there are no hidden costs under the travel insurance over 70+ plans.