Is travel insurance mandatory for dubai tourist visa

Dubai is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. Every year millions of tourists visit Dubai to have a quality time of their life. Why? Because you can do every adventure in Dubai.

Is travel insurance mandatory for Dubai?

Is travel insurance mandatory for dubai tourist visa

We get this question from tourists across the world who want to visit Dubai but are confused about whether if they need travel insurance or not.

In this article, we will answer all your questions about travel insurance and Dubai tourist visa so let’s go!

Do you need travel insurance to visit Dubai

The answer is yes! You need travel insurance for visiting Dubai.

Earlier, there was no need for travel insurance to visit Dubai.

But recently after the COVID-19 pandemic, the UAE government has made it mandatory for all travelers to have travel insurance.

When you are applying for a Dubaitourist visa, they will ask you to show documentation that you have proper travel insurance that covers your trip to Dubai.

If you do not have any travel insurance, then your visa will be rejected and you won’t be allowed to go to Dubai.

Why do you need travel insurance for Dubai

You might be thinking that you don’t need travel insurance for visiting Dubai. But you’re wrong.

Here are some reasons that will convince you why you need travel insurance:

1. Travel insurance is mandatory for a Dubai visa

The first reason why you need travel insurance for Dubai is that the UAE government has made it mandatory for everyone who is applying for a Dubai tourist visa.

It means that you will only get a Dubai tourist visa if you have travel insurance.

If you don’t have travel insurance then you will not be issued a Dubai tourist visa.

So, if you want to visit Dubai on a tourist visa then there is no choice for you other than to get travel insurance because it is a part of Dubai travel requirements.

2. Travel insurance covers you for trip cancellation, delay, and disruptions

The future is unforeseen and no one knows what’s about to happen.

Imagine if you have booked a trip to Dubai and you are ready to go, but suddenly you have to cancel your trip for some sudden unexpected reasons.

You can lose all the precious money you have spent on the trip!

Having travel insurance will make sure you get all your money back in case you have to cancel the trip due to any emergency.

You can aslo face travel delays or disruptions like your luggage gets lost, stolen, or damaged, etc. In such a case, your whole trip can become one hell of a mess because you will have so many unexpected expenses.

Travel insurance also covers you for any such unexpected events and helps you deal with those unexpected expenses.

3. Travel insurance covers you for medical emergencies

You are traveling to Dubai – but what if you get seriously ill or seriously injured there?

Dubai’s healthcare system is considered to be one of the best in the world. The quality of treatment offered there is known to be the best.

But the cost of treatment is VERY HIGH!

If you get hospitalized in Dubai due to any medical emergency – then you will have a HUGE medical bill that you’ll have to pay from your pocket.

If you don’t have the money then they can take away your passport until you pay the money.Therefore, you can get into very deep trouble.

Having travel insurance will cover the cost of any medical emergency or evacuation during your trip to Dubai and save you from big headaches.

Now, do you see how important and beneficial is it to have travel insurance while traveling to Dubai, right?

Should your Dubai travel insurance also cover COVID-19

Yes, your travel insurance for Dubai must cover COVID-19.

The reason is that the whole world is going through the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic at this moment.

If you contract COVID-19 during your Dubai trip then you may have to be hospitalized and the total cost for treatment can be too high.

Therefore, it is a must to have travel insurance that covers the cost of COVID-19 treatment as well.

Which is the best travel insurance for Dubai travel

Since you know there are tons of different travel insurances for Dubai. Travelers are often left confused that which one of them is the best to choose.

Here are some important key points that a good Dubai travel insurance must have:

1. Coverage for medical emergencies

As we told you above that the cost of medical treatment in Dubai can be very high.

Dubai’s weather is hot and humid. A new person can get sick due to heatwave or sudden weather changes.

Moreover, you can also get injured during any adventure like skydiving, desert safari, swimming, or anything else.

If by any chance you are hospitalized, the medical bill can be huge and you will have to pay it from your pocket.

Travel insurance will help you cover all the medical expenses in case of any such emergency and save you tons of money.

2. Coverage for trip disruptions

Since you know that a trip to Dubai costs a lot of money.

We are going through a COVID-19 pandemic and there are a lot of travel restrictions. You never know when your flight gets delayed or canceled due to unknown reasons.

In such a case, you can lose huge money which you have spent on the trip.

Your travel insurance should cover all the losses due to trip cancellation, delay, or disruption.

It will help you recover the nonrefundable expenses of your trip.

It should also cover you for unexpected scenarios like loss or damage of luggage, etc.

3. Coverage for repatriation of mortal remains and emergency evacuation

If some tragic incident happens during your Dubai trip that results in your death, then the travel insurance should cover the cost for repatriation of your mortal remains to your homeland.

It should also cover the cost of any other emergency evacuation during the trip.

What should I know before buying Dubai travel insurance

Here are all the important facts you must know before you buy a Dubai travel insurance plan:

1. Buy from trusted sources

Get your travel insurance plan from a reputable and trusted company so that they have your back when you are in trouble.

Avoid fraud companies because they run away with your money and never help when you need them.

2. Research and find the best deal

There are a variety of different travel insurance plans with different price tags and different coverages.

You need to research a little bit, compare the plans with each other, and find out which deal is the best and suits your needs.

3. Carefully read the full policy

Many people make a big mistake that they do not read the full policy before buying it.

They don’t what they are paying for and what coverage they are getting.

In the end,

They get in trouble and are disappointed when they find out that the problem they are facing is not even covered in the plan.

Therefore, you are recommended to completely read the policy before buying it.

Can you get a Dubai tourist visa without travel insurance

No, you cannot get a Dubai tourist visa if you don’t have travel insurance.

The UAE government has passed new regulations that require all Dubai tourists to have valid travel insurance when applying for a Dubai travel visa.

If you don’t have valid travel health insurance then your tourist visa will not be approved and you won’t be allowed to enter Dubai or UAE.