Is geoblue a good travel insurance

When you are buying a GeoBluetravel insurance plan, you have some questions in your mind. Is this good travel insurance? Is it worth the money? Does it provide good coverage? Will it help me when I’m in trouble?

Well, it’s good to have all such questions in mind and get their answers because – It’s about your money & your safety!

Is geoblue a good travel insurance

Let’s go and find out what GeoBlue travel insurance is all about!

What does GeoBlue travel insurance offer

GeoBlue travel insurance offers three general travel insurance plans and five specialty travel insurance plans.

The general plans include:

  1. Voyager (for a single trip)
  2. Trekker (for multi trips)
  3. Xplorer (for long-term trips).

The specialty plans include:

  1. Voyager (single trip | group)
  2. Navigator (long term | education)
  3. Navigator (long term | crew)
  4. Navigator (long term | missionary)
  5. Corporate (for long | short term)

Let’s get into the details of these GeoBlue travel insurance plans.

GeoBlue voyager travel insurance plan

GeoBlue’s voyager travel insurance plan is further divided into two categories and they are:

  1. Voyager essential plan
  2. Voyager choice plan

Voyager essential plan

Here are the highlights of the GeoBlue voyager essential plan:

Eligibility criteria

If you want to purchase a GeoBlue voyager essential travel insurance plan, then:

  1. Your home country should be the USA.
  2. Your age should be 95 or younger.
  3. Children under age 6 should be enrolled with uncle, grandparents, aunt, or parents.
  4. You should make the initial purchase in the home country before departing on the trip.

Benefits covered

Here are the benefits covered in the voyager essential travel insurance plan:

1. Deductibles & medical limits
  • The maximum benefits per insured person per policy period have options like $50,000, $100,000, $500,000, and $1,000,000.
  • The deductibles per insured person per policy period include options like $0, $100, $250, $500.
2. Outpatient & inpatient benefits

The insurer pays after deductible met is:

Professional services

  • Anesthesia, surgery, lab, diagnostic x-ray, and doctor visits in hospital = 100%
  • Office visits like x-ray and lab bills of attending physician = 100%

Hospital services (inpatient)

  • X-rays, surgery, doctor visits in hospital = 100%
  • Medical emergency (in hospital) = 100%
  • Surgical center = 100%
  • Ambulance service for non-medical evacuation = 100% up to $1k
3. Physical therapy, dental care, and prescriptions

The insurer pays after the deductible is met:

  1. Prescription drugs for patients outside the US – Outpatient = 50% of reasonable expenses up to $5k
  2. Emergency dental care due to an injury = 100% of reasonable expenses along with a benefit of $300 per trip.
  3. Dental care for relieving pain = 100% of reasonable cost along with a benefit of $250 per trip.
  4. Occupational and physical therapy = 6 visits per insurance period and $100 max payment per visit.
4. Evacuation & travel assistance

Insurer waives deductible:

  1. Dismemberment & accidental death = maximum benefit of up to $25,000.
  2. Repatriation of remains = Max benefit of up to $25,000.
  3. Emergency medical transport = Max benefit of up to $500,000.
  4. Arrangements for emergency family travel = Max benefit of up to $2500
  5. Personal effect coverage and baggage lost = Max benefit of up to $500 per trip and a maximum of $100 benefit per bag.
  6. Trip interruption post departure = $500 of maximum benefit per trip.
5. Risky & hazardous activities

The insurer pays after the deductible is met:

A maximum benefit of up to $10,000 for the claims resulting from hazardous activities such as skiing and scuba diving.

Voyager choice plan

GeoBlue’sVoyager Choice plan is almost similar to the voyager essential plan.

Here are thesimilarities between Voyager choice and Voyager essential:

  1. The deductibles are the same.
  2. The medical limits are the same.

Here are the differences:

  1. You need to have a primary health plan to be eligible for this offer.
  2. It covers pre-existing health conditions.
  3. It offers a higher prescription drug coverage.
  4. It offers higher dental coverage.
  5. It offers more physical therapy sessions.

GeoBlue trekker plan for multi trips

If you are someone who travels multiple times within a year then the GeoBlue trekker plan is another interesting choice.

It is also divided into two plans which are trekker choice and trekker essential respectively.

Trekker choice plan pays $250,000 for accidents and sickness ($100,000 for people between 70-84 age) – and it pays $500,000 for medical evacuations.

Trekker essential plan pays $50,000 for accidents and sicknesses and it pays $250,000 for medical evacuation benefits.

Pre-existing conditions are covered in both plans – and both plans offer unlimited travel outside the USA for 1 year (70 days per trip is the limit). The deductible for both plans is also the same which is $50.

However, both of these plans do not cover trip delay, interruption, cancellation, baggage loss, damage, and delay, etc.

The citizens of the US who are under 85 years of age and have a primary health plan are eligible for this offer.

GeoBlueXplorer plan

GeoBlue’sXplorer plan is different from the other two plans. It provides a more detailed and comprehensive coverage to the customers.

The deductibles in this plan are high and go up to $10,000. You are only eligible for this plan if your age is 74 years or younger than that.

Here is what’s special about the Xplorer plan:

  1. It covers terrorism-related accidents and injuries.
  2. It covers contraceptive medicine and surgeries.
  3. It offers preventive care for adults and youngsters.
  4. It offers hospice, home-care, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing facilities.

What is covered in GeoBlue travel insurance

GeoBlue travel insurance has several different insurance plans and each of them provides a variety of coverages.

Generally, here is a collective list of coverages offered by the GeoBlue travel insurance plan:

  1. Accidental and death and dismemberment coverage.
  2. Trip cancelation and interruption coverage.
  3. Emergency medical and evacuation coverage.
  4. Baggage damage, lost, or stolen coverage.

Does GeoBlue travel insurance covers trip cancelation or interruption

Yes, some plans of GeoBlue travel insurance cover trip cancelation and trip interruption.

Here are the covered reasons for trip cancellation and interruption:

  1. If the traveler has died or suffered from a serious injury/illness.
  2. If a family member of the traveler has died or suffered from a serious injury/illness.
  3. If there’s a serious natural disaster at your travel destination.
  4. If your airline or tour operator has ceased its operations.
  5. If a terrorist attack or evacuation is going on at your travel destination.
  6. If your passport has been stolen before the trip.

Does GeoBlue travel insurance cover COVID-19

Yes, GeoBlue travel insurance covers COVID-19.

Both the GeoBlue voyager choice and voyager essential insurance plans cover COVID-19 testing and treatment.

This is a great coverage to have if you are traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where is GeoBlue travel insurance available

GeoBlue travel insurance has a strong network in about 180-190 countries of the world.

The best thing is that GeoBlue travel insurance have their physicians stationed in most of the countries.

Whenever you face any medical problem during travel, you can reach out to them and get appropriate treatment. All the process is cashless and saves you from the headache of filing insurance claims.

If by any chance, there are no physicians available at your destination then you’ll be reimbursed for the cost of treatment.

Is GeoBlue customer support active or not

GeoBlue has a very active and responsive customer support system.

You can access them through their app, email, or phone numbers and get the help you want.

Should I get GeoBlue travel insurance

If you are a US citizen and you are more concerned about medical insurance then GeoBlue is one of the decent choices you can make.


Because they offer a huge range of medical and emergency coverages to their customers. Moreover, the amount of money they offer is more than enough and it’ll keep you covered throughout the trip.

However, if you are more concerned about trip cancelation and interruption then you can also find better options than GeoBlue.

You are advised to carefully read their coverage policy before buying the plan and confirm if the things you’re most concerned about – are covered in the plan or not. Talk to their team and verify everything you are concerned about and then buy the plan when you are 100% satisfied.