Is disney travel insurance worth it

If you are thinking about purchasing Disney travel insurance then you must read this article before doing so because there is one extremely important question that needs to be answered.

Is Disney trip insurance worth it?

Is disney travel insurance worth it

What are the pros and cons of buying Disney insurance? We will review everything in complete detail today.

Let’s start!

Does Disney offer travel insurance

The answer is yes!

Disney does offer travel insurance.

The official travel insurance plan offered by Disney covers you for any losses you face due to the reasons covered in the Disney travel insurance plan such as serious injury, illness, and some other travel-related losses, etc.

Having travel insurance is a great thing because it will keep your travel free of problems and worries.

What does Disney travel insurance cover

Before you go on to purchase a travel insurance plan, it is extremely important to know what does that travel insurance plan covers.

If you want to know what Disney travel insurance plan covers then we got it all explained for you here:

1. Coverage for luggage delay

Luggage delay is a very common and frequently occurring problem that travelers face during travel.

 Sometimes, your luggage is delayed for up to 12-24 hours due to flight delays or some other reasons. In such a case, it becomes very frustrating if your necessary personal use items were in that luggage.

Disney travel insurance reimburses you for purchasing essential personal items. This is a great benefit.

2. Coverage for loss of your baggage

When you are traveling, there are chances that you might lose your baggage in an unfortunate event.

It can be terrible especially if you had some precious items in the baggage like a laptop, camera, or something else.

Moreover, the luggage can also get stolen or damaged during travel. Therefore, you need protection for that.

Disney travel insurance protects you from baggage loss during a covered trip. They will provide you a reimbursement of up to $2,000 if your luggage is lost, delayed, or even damaged.

3. Assistance is available all the time

One thing we like about Disney travel insurance is that once you purchase it, they won’t leave you alone during travel.

They will always be available to you for any kind of travel, medical, and emergency assistance 24/7.

4-. Coverage for emergency medical evacuation

If you suffer from a serious injury or illness during travel and need to be evacuated – then Disney travel insurance will cover you for the emergency medical transportation and other covered expenses.

5. Coverage for medical expenses

It is obvious that when you are traveling, you are vulnerable to injuries or illness. In such a case, you will end up in a hospital and have to pay all the costs of your treatment.

If you have Disney travel insurance then they will provide you a cover of about $25,000 if you sustain any injury or illness during your travel.

6. Coverage for trip interruption and cancellation

Sometimes, you have planned a trip, everything is going well and you are ready to go.

But suddenly any unforeseen incident happens that forces you to cancel your trip such as illness, injury, or other serious reasons like loss of job and military deployment, etc.

If you have Disney travel insurance then it will help you reimburse the total cost of all the non-refundable prepaid arrangements you have made for your travel. They only cover serious reasons like injury, illness, job loss, and military deployment, etc.

7. Coverage for trip delay

Sometimes, your trip gets delayed and you are left stuck in the middle of nowhere.

For many travelers, it becomes very difficult to deal with those sudden and unexpected expenses.

Disney travel insurance covers you for travel delays and provides you up to $600 (max $200 per day) if you face travel delays.

8. Coverage for travel accident

While travel is all about fun, sometimes, you don’t know what your luck has in store for you.

You don’t when and how a sudden unfortunate accident occurs that results in your dismemberment or even something as tragic as death.

In any such case, Disney travel insurance provides a cover of $25,000.

9. Coverage for rental car damage

When you go for a long-distance trip then you don’t take your car all the way along, right?

Instead, you rent one from your travel destination.

But what if you end up crashing that car and completely damaging it? OR it gets stolen or vandalized?

In such a case, you will have to compensate for the loss which can cost you a lot of money.

If you will have Disney travel insurance then they will cover you for any such unforeseen event and provide a cover of about $25,000.

Does Disney travel insurance cover flights

Yes, Disney travel insurance does cover the flights.

If your trip is canceled or interrupted due to the reasons covered in the Disney travel insurance plan then you will be covered for all the non-refundable and prepaid arrangements you have made for your trip including the flights.

Does Disney travel insurance cover pre-existing conditions

Generally, Disney travel insurance does not cover any pre-existing condition.

Their rules and regulations say that:

Disney travel insurance will not pay for any kind of loss or expenses that are caused due to a pre-existing condition (including even death).

However, if you want pre-existing conditions to be covered then you can purchase a plan that offers pre-existing condition waiver. You are eligible for that plan if you meet the following requirements:

  1. You (or the individual with pre-existing conditions) are not disabled from travel at the time when you are making payment for this plan.
  2. You have insured all the costs of your trip that are vulnerable to cancellation, penalties, or restrictions.
  3. The payment of this plan is received within 14 days of the initial trip payment (time-sensitive period).
  4. The trip cost per person is not more than $15,000.

Does Disney travel insurance cover hurricanes


Most of the time, Disney allows travelers to either change the date of their tickets or even cancel them if there is a hurricane at the park. Only the nonrefundable costs will be covered.

However, if a hurricane is already predicted and you still purchase a plan despite hurricane warning then your coverage will be limited.

How much does Disney travel insurance cost

The Disney travel insurance costs about $82.50 for an adult and about $6 for a child up to 17-year age.

The travel protection is refundable for 14 days after its purchase.

After 14 days of purchase, it is nonrefundable.

Are adventures by Disney prices per person

Yes, they are!

If you are going for adventures by Disney then you must keep in mind that all the prices are per person.

Should I get Disney travel insurance

It depends on your needs and how many prepaid non-refundable deposits you have made for the trip.

Let’s take luggage protection for example.

If you have a lot of expensive material in your luggage like cameras, laptops, jewelry, and other precious gear – that if you lose, will be a great loss then you will need travel insurance.

It will help you reimburse the cost of lost luggage items.

On the other hand, if your luggage is full of old t-shirts, boxers, and trousers that you don’t even care if you lose then you do not need Disney travel insurance at all.

Similarly, if there are a lot of other prepaid nonrefundable expenses in your trip and you feel like you may have to cancel the trip due to some covered reasons then you should get Disney travel insurance.

It will help you reimburse the nonrefundable and prepaid costs of your travel.

Do I need travel insurance for Disney World

If you are confused about whether if you need travel insurance for Disney world or not then we will drop a few questions for you.

If you answer yes to these questions then it means you need travel insurance for Disney world.

1. Are you traveling during hurricane season?

If you are traveling to Disney World during the hurricane season, then chances are that hurricane may ruin your entire trip so having travel insurance can be useful for protecting your prepaid and non-refundable expenses of the trip.

If you are not then you probably don’t need travel insurance.

2. Do you or anyone traveling along you have pre-existing medical conditions?

If you or anyone traveling along you have pre-existing health conditions then having travel insurance will help you better deal with any unfortunate and unforeseen event. Your emergency medical transportation and treatment expenses can be covered.

If all of you are fit and healthy then you probably don’t need travel insurance.

3. How much money will you lose if you cancel the trip?

Let’s imagine for some reason you have to cancel your trips like injury or illness.

How much money will you lose if you cancel the trip? Do you have large prepaid and nonrefundable deposits?

Will you lose too much money?

If yes, then go ahead and get travel insurance. It will help you reimburse your travel expenses in case you cancel the trip and save your money.

But if you know that you are not going to lose much and you don’t care if you lose all the prepaid and nonrefundable deposits you have made for your trip then you can go without travel insurance.

4. Is your airline ticket refundable?

If your airline ticket is refundable then you don’t need travel insurance for it because in case you cancel the trip – you will get your refund.

However, if your airline ticket is non-refundable and you are traveling without travel insurance – then you will lose your airline ticket money if you cancel the trip.

So, you can get travel insurance in such a case to protect the money you have spent on airline tickets.

Disney travel protection plan refund policy

Their policy is very simple.

Disney travel protection plan allows you to review and cancel the plan within 14 days after purchase and get your refund.