Is alaska airlines travel insurance worth it

Are you planning to buy Alaska airlines travel insurance plans, but don’t know if it is good for you or not? If yes, then keep reading because this article is for you.

Today, we will be exploring that: Is Alaska airlines’ travel insurance worth it?What are the pros and cons of this travel insurance plan and should you get it or not?

Let’s go!

Does Alaska Airlines have travel insurance

Yes, Alaska airlines do have a proper travel insurance plan that they offer to travelers.

They provide coverage for a variety of options that we will explore in this article.

What do Alaska airlines’ travel insurance cover

Alaska airlines’ travel insurance provides very basic and limited coverage to their customers.

Here is a list of everything covered in Alaska airlines travel insurance:

1. Trip cancellation coverage [$10000 maximum]

If you have to cancel your trip due to some covered emergency reasons, then Alaska airlines travel insurance will provide you reimbursement of trip cost up to $10000 maximum.

The covered reasons are very basic and limited such as:

  • If you suffer from a very serious injury and are unable to travel.
  • If you have a very serious illness and cannot travel on the due date.
  • If a person very close to you has died and you cannot travel for that reason.

2. Trip interruption coverage [$10000 maximum]

If your trip has been interrupted due to the reasons covered in Alaska airlines’Global travel protection plan, then you will receive up to $10000 as reimbursement for your trip cost.

For domestic plans, the coverage is $300 and for an international plan, the coverage is $1200.

3. Coverage for your baggage [$500]

Alaska airlines’Global travel protectionplan offers you a cover of about $500 for your baggage.

Often when we are traveling, our baggage gets lost, stolen, or damaged due to some reason.

If you will have Alaska airlines Global travel protection plan, then it will provide you a cover of up to $500 in case your baggage is lost, damaged, or stolen during the travel.

4. Travel delay coverage of $200-$300

Travel delays are very common and almost experienced by every traveler.

It ruins your travel experience and you also have to deal with unexpected expenses to deal with the travel delay.

Alaska airlines travel insurance provides you a cover of $200 in case of domestic travel delay& about $300 for international travel delay.

5. Hotline assistance for 24/7

Effective and uninterrupted communication with the insurance company is very important during travel.

Alaska airlines’ travel insurance has hotline assistance 24/7. You can contact them whenever you want and get the help you need during travel.

It is included for both domestic and international travel insurance plans.

6. Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions

If you have a pre-existing medical condition and want coverage for that then you have that option available at Alaska airlines travel insurance.

You will have to fulfill their requirements for pre-existing medical conditions to be eligible for the coverage.

7. Concierge services are also available

Alaska airlines travel insurance also provides you with concierge services in the insurance plan.

This way you’ll have better overall help, guidance, and coordination during your travel.

It is available for both, domestic & international insurance plans.

8. Medical and dental emergency coverage

Alaska airlines travel insurance also provides coverage for medical and dental emergencies.

In domestic travel insurance plans, the coverage is about $10,000 whereas, in international travel insurance plans, the coverage is about $20,000.

9. Emergency medical transportation

If you suffer from any serious injury or illness during travel and need medical transportation then Alaska airlines travel insurance will cover you for that.

Generally, the domestic travel insurance plan offers a coverage of $5000 and the international plan have a coverage of about $25,000.

What are the drawbacks of Alaska airlines’ travel insurance

The reason people don’t like Alaska airlines’ travel insurance is that its coverage is very limited and also there are way better options available at the same time.

Here are the reasons why Alaska airlines travel insurance is not good enough:

1. It doesn’t offer the Cancel for Any Reason option

Flexibility is one of the most important things that every customer looks for in a travel insurance plan.

Alaska airlines’ travel insurance is not flexible enough because it doesn’t provide a cancel for any reason option.

You will only be covered for canceling the trip if you are seriously ill, injured, or someone close to you dies.

But what if you have to cancel the trip due to another emergency reason? Alaska airlines insurance will leave you uncovered!

This is why you can find better options at the same price with a little bit of research.

2. It doesn’t cover vacation cancelation

Sometimes, you don’t even know when your employer cancels your vacations and ask you to report back to work.

In such a scenario, all the money you have spent on the trip can be lost.

Alaska travel insurance does not provide any cover for vacation cancelation. It means that you will be left uncovered if your employer cancels your vacation and all your non-refundable money can be lost.

Therefore, if you are concerned about vacation cancelation cover then Alaska airlines travel insurance is not the right option for you.

You’ll find better options at the same price very easily.

Will I get my money back, If I cancel the trip

Yes, if you cancel the trip due to the *reasons covered* in the Alaska airline travel insurance plan – then you will get your non-refundable money back.

The covered reasons include emergencies like:

  1. Serious injury that makes travel impossible.
  2. A serious illness that makes travel impossible.
  3. Death of a person close to you.

What is the cancellation policy of Alaska airlines’ travel insurance

Alaska Airlines’ travel insurance has a very simple cancelation policy.

You are free to cancel the travel insurance plan within 15 days of purchase if:

  1. You have not filed a claim.
  2. You haven’t departed on travel.

After 15 days of purchase, you won’t be able to get refunds.

Important Message

Not all of these benefits are necessarily covered in every single Alaska airline travel insurance plan.

They have 3 different plans (Global, domestic, and international) and each of them has different benefits covered.

We just gave you an overview of all the benefits offered by Alaska Airlines’ travel insurance plans. Moreover, the coverage limits also vary in different plans and keep changing with time.

Therefore, you are advised to carefully read the complete travel insurance plan, confirm everything that is covered and uncovered – and then make a decision about buying the plan.