Does travel insurance cover baggage damage

When you are traveling, you surely have some baggage with you that contains all the essential items which you need during travel. But that shocking moment hits you hard when you realize your baggage is damaged, stolen, or lost.

Now if you have purchased travel insurance for your trip, then you might be thinking that does travel insurance covers baggage damage?

Does travel insurance cover baggage damage

This article will explain to you everything about baggage damage and travel insurance.

Is baggage damage covered by travel insurance

Yes, most of the good travel insurance plans cover you in case your baggage gets damaged, lost, or stolen during the travel.

The coverage definition is different for different travel insurance plans.

But in general, they eitherprovide you reimbursement for the total cost OR repair cost of the items damaged in your baggage.

What is covered in the baggage insurance

Here is what most of the travel insurance plans offer you in baggage insurance:

1. Coverage for baggage delay

You know that sometimes your baggage gets delayed during travel and you don’t get it when you land at the airport.

You don’t even have clothes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shoes, socks, soap, shampoo, or any other essential items?

Now, what will you do?

If you’ll have travel insurance, then they will provide you reimbursement for buying the essential items until your baggage reaches you again.

2. Coverage for baggage lost

Your baggage can also get lost during the travel. In such a case, your insurance provider will try their best to track your baggage, recover it, and get it back to you.

However, if they do not find your luggage then you will receive reimbursement for the items you have lost in the baggage.

3. Coverage for stolen baggage

Your baggage can also be stolen while traveling. In such a case, your insurance provider will help you recover the cost.

4. Coverage for baggage damage

If your baggage gets damaged during the travel, then the travel insurance will help you recover the cost of items damaged in the baggage.

Are all the itemscovered for baggage damage

It depends upon the coverage policy of your insurance provider. You are advised to carefully read your travel insurance plan to know what is covered and what is not covered.

Usually, there are three to four types of coverages:

1. Overall limit of the plan

Some travel insurance providers have set a particular limit that any loss under this maximum amount of money will be covered. Anything more than the limit will not be covered.

2. Per item limits

Some insurance companies have set a specific reimbursement limit per item. For example, you will get this specific amount of money in case of laptop damage and this specific amount of money in case of camera damage.

3. Coverage for specific items only

Some travel insurance companies only cover specified items like laptops and cameras, and electronics, etc.

You will only receive reimbursement for the damaged items covered in the plan.

4. Coverage for all items

Some travel insurance companies have a policy that they will cover all the items damaged in your baggage.

Therefore, you should carefully read the coverage policy of your travel insurance to better understand that which items are covered under baggage damage insurance and which items are uncovered.

Is baggage damage insurance worth it

Now the real question in your mind would be that should I get baggage damage insurance or not? Is it even worth it?

Don’t worry, we will make it easier for you to decide.

When do you need baggage damage insurance

If your baggage contains any precious item that if damaged, will be a great loss for you – then you must have baggage damage insurance.

For example, suppose there’s some laptop, camera, mobile phone, LED TV, jewelry, drone camera, OR any other expensive item in your baggage that is worth thousands of dollars.

Now if your baggage gets lost, stolen, or damaged, then it’s going to be a huge loss for you. It’ll be a financial disaster for you to lose so much money.

Now it’s in your hands. Can you afford to lose a huge amount of money? If yes, then you can go without baggage damage insurance.

But if you care about the money and can’t afford to lose it then you need baggage damage insurance.It’ll provide you with reimbursement for the total cost of items damaged in baggage.

When you don’t need baggage damage insurance

If there is no precious and expensive item in your baggage then you probably don’t need baggage damage insurance.

For example, if all you got in your baggage is some t-shirts, pajamas, shoes, and other casual items that you don’t even care if you lose OR they are not vulnerable to damage – then you are good to go without baggage damage insurance.

It’s that simple to decide.

Is baggage damage coverage primary or secondary

In most cases, the coverage for stolen, lost, or damaged baggage is secondary.

What it means is that it will be provided as a supplement to the primary coverage by your airline (responsible for your loss of baggage) and your credit card.

If the credit card and airline refuse to help you (which they do all the time) then the baggage insurance will cover you.

Is baggage damage insurance limited or unlimited

Most of the baggage insurances are limited. They only offer coverage for a limited amount of money.

For example, some of them will have a limit of anywhere between $100 – $500 per item. While some have an overall limit of like $500-$3000 per person.

Therefore, you need to be careful of the items you are placing in your baggage. Read the policy in detail and also verify from the insurance company whether if those items are covered or not.

If any of the items are too much expensive and not covered in the travel insurance plan – then you should cover them either through home insurance or by credit card.

Don’t forget to take photos

When you are packing your baggage, make sure to take photos of all the items inside. It’ll be very useful in case your baggage is lost and you’ll be able to get reimbursement for your loss.